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Did you know that your mobile phone keeps transmitting information about your activities even after you’ve hit the OFF button?  While incoming calls are going to voicemail, outgoing signals from your phone are letting your phone company – and an army of advertisers – know exactly where you’ve been, and how you spent your day.

SilentPocket allows you to choose when you want to be connected with others or completely off the grid.

SilentPocket enhances your privacy instantly by silencing your phone. Simply place your phone in the active SilentPocket™.

MIAmobi SilentPocket

You can use  SilentPocket products for: 

  • Complete Privacy
  • On or Off the Grid 4G or No G
  • RF Blocking  SmartPhone Personal Data Protection
  • RFID Blocking for Credit Card & Passports
  • Blocks GPS Phone Tracking
  • Driving (Prevents Texting & Driving)
  • Full Attention to Family and Friends
  • Sanitizing Your Phone/Tablets


Mobile Device Privacy.

SilentPocket addresses this issue and many more problems associated with mobile devices. With over 1,500,000 mobile app’s developed for smartphones, many of which are stealth and are eavesdropping on your every move capable of turning  functions on your phone like your mic, camera, GPS, address book and more, even when it has been turned off. There is only one sure way to stop this if you really want to know for sure that you have control of your mobile device you have to block all wifi coming in or going out. Full RF Blocking

Fits iPhone 5 and Galaxy 4s


But we don’t all have to be worried about that do we?  The convenience of instantly silencing your phone or putting the phone away when getting in your car without having to powering it down. (out of site out of mine) may save a few lives in 2014.